Athena XXX Comic By Adult Comics Club

This Athena adult comic series is presented by Adult Comics Club. Athena and her traveling companion are in search of some missing girls who were taken by some horny orcs. It isn’t long before they come across quite the spectacle..

Soon Athena and her buddy are tied to a tree and the horny orcs have their way with them until they really wanted to get fucked by the horrible creatures.

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Black Coach Comic By John Persons

I love John Persons artwork. He specialises in interracial comics and pretty much always he has some big cocked black dude fucking some white girl who can’t believe the size of the massive cock going in her mouth and pussy.

This image is from The Big Black Coach series by John Persons


She sure seems like she wants to suck on that big black cock now don’t it?


Yup there she goes.

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The Way To College Comic Presented By Innocent DickGirls

If you like dickgirl comics you will love this one.

It is the story of a girl named Mary who is a college student. She is waiting at the metro station for her train when some random horny guy walks up to her and starts fondling her..

You can guess he is quite surprised by what he finds in her panties..


You can see the full On The Way To College by Innocent Dickgirls at their official site. Tns more great dickgirl comics their also.

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Lara Jones Volume 1 By Diaz

If you have never seen the Lara Jones comic series by Diaz then you are in for a treat.

Based on the Lara Croft character, Lara Jones is an intrepid sexy explorer who takes her job really seriously. So much so she really rolls out the welcome mat for the museums benefactors..


As you can see Lara is quite convincing when it comes to trying to secure funds for the museum.

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Laundry Day By Dawn & P.M.

Love this comic. So Dawn and Phil are having a lazy lie in when Dawn’s neighbour comes over with some laundry that she wants to wash becuase her machine is broken…


While her friend is doing the laundry Dawn and Phil start getting hot and heavy in the bedroom and Dawn’s friend watches them…


Well I think you can guess what happens next. You can see the rest of this comic at Adult Comics Club

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Male Fantasy By Dawn and P.m.

Dawn and Phil are home and Phil is busy working while Dawn is lying around getting horny and wanting a good fuck. She decides she will try and get Phil to fuck her by dressing up for him in a variety of outfits so she can figure out what his fantasy is…


So Dawn tries on a variety of outfits for Phil and she gets her wish when she puts on her sexy doctors outfit..


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Phone Sex By Dawn & P.M.

So Dawn and Phil are at home one day and old Phil is feeling a little horny. Dawn is on the phone talking to her mother about random things..


Phil can’t wait though until Dawn finishes her phone call so he starts groping Dawn who continues her phone call with her mother.

Phil gets more aroused and so to calm him down Dawn starts giving him a blowjob while she is still talking to her mother..


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3 Piggies By Gao & Leroy

Love this comic! They’re several 3 Piggies comics by Leroy & Gao. This one features a cute blonde student telling her friends about an encouter she had while at the beach with a guy

She doesn’t exactly tell them the whole truth though and leave out the part about him sticking his big cock in her ass..


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Buddies By Atilio Gambedotti & Ivan Guevara

A group of guys are sitting around recouting their sexual escapades with one particular woman. You see quite a few of the guys had been with this woman, she had taken their cocks in her mouth a pussy.


As the story unfolds a woman walks in to the room the guys are in – she is the future wife of one of the guys and the girl they were just all talking about in their sex stories!

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